Saturday, April 7, 2007

RENAISSANCE - Illusion & Prologue

There were two groups under the banner of RENAISSANCE. The first group included Keith and Jane RELF (vocals) and came from the YARDBIRDS ashes. The second and better known incarnation produced some of the best music that I have ever heard. Annie HASLAM's five octave range fit perfectly with the classical/orchestral rock (lot of piano playing & full symphony orchestra backup) created by the other members. The quick description I usually give is they are sort of like the old MOODY BLUES with a an incredible female vocalist. The soprano voice of Annie and the piano virtuosity of John TOUT allied to the beauty and refreshing melodies, the refinement of the arrangements gave their music its magnificent splendour.

(Studio Album, 1970) (second)
Track Listings
1. Love Goes On (2:51)
2. Golden Thread (8:15)
3. Love Is All (3:40)
4. Mr. Pine (7:00)
5. Face Of Yesterday (6:06)
6. Past Orbits Of Dust (14:39)
Total Time: 42:31

(Studio Album, 1972) (third)
Track Listings
1. Prologue (5:39)
2. Kiev (7:39)
3. Sounds of the sea (7:09)
4. Spare some love (5:05)
5. Bound for infinity (4:17)
6. Rajah Khan (11:14)
Total Time: 41:03

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