Sunday, April 29, 2007

DRUGI NACIN - Drugi nacin

DRUGI NACIN (Eng. "Another Way") was formed in Zagreb (present Croatia) by members of the band called ZLATNI AKORDI. These included: Branko Pozgajec (vocals, keyboards, flute); Halil Mekic (guitar); Zeljko Mikulcic (bass) and Ismet Kurtovic (vocals, flute, guitar). This line-up released one single in 1973. The following year Boris Turina joined the band as drummer and lyricist and they changed their name to DRUGI NACIN, inspired by a poem of F. G. Lorca "In Another Way". In February 1975 they recorded the eponymous debut album. After being rejected by "Jugoton" and "Suzy" labels, PGP RTB finally agreed to release the album only because their executive liked, the then rare in ex-Yugoslavia, gatefold cover sleeve without even listening to the music! It appeared to be a very succesfull "concept" album and it was regularly re-printed in the following years. At the end of 1976 the band split-up, so Kurtovic and Mekic formed a short-lived off-shoot band NEPOCIN which released only one album. The band re-formed 1978 with Pozgajec, Turina, Mikulcic and new guitarists Branko Bogunovic and Nikola Gecevic. This line-up recorded several succesfull hit-singles and toured across ex-Yugoslavia. After several more personnel changes, the second album "Ponovno na putu" was recorded by Pozgajec, Kurtovic, Bozo Ilic (bass), Miroslav Budanko (drums) and Danijel Velican (guitar). Since this album did not repeat the success of the debut, the band restricted its activity to only occasional concerts during the 1980s and gradually retired from the scene. Pozgajec re-formed the band in 1992 with Bozo Ilic, Davor Sencar (guitar), Drazen Kovac (drums), Ernest Vinkovic (guitar) and Branko Bardun (keyboards). They released the third album with re-recorded old songs from their 1970s singles. Ismet Kurtovic released a solo album "Moje najljepse pjesme" in 1996 which contained several most popular songs he wrote for DRUGI NACIN, thereafter forming a band OKO. In May 2000 DRUGI NACIN appeared as a support group on the JETHRO TULL concert in Zagreb.
The first album "Drugi Nacin" is now a classic of 1970s hard-rock/prog-rock of ex-Yugoslavia. It is a concept album dealing with a theme of love and loneliness, full of somewhat pathetic hippie philosophy. Music is typical hard-rock of the time with some prog improvisations, characterized by the interplay between twin guitars and twin flutes, bearing influence from DEEP PURPLE, WISHBONE ASH or JETHRO TULL. The second album is much weaker with pop-rock and mainstream oriented songs. Since during the end of 1970s and beginning of 1980s DRUGI NACIN mostly concentrated on live concerts, sometimes offering up to 300 dates per year, it is petty that this period was not captured on a live album.
The first album is definitely recommended for all prog fans, especially those who like hard rock with flutes (JETHRO TULL, FOCUS).
1. Opet
2. Carstvo samoce
3. Na mom dlanu
4. Lile su kise
5. Zuti list
6. Stari grad

- H. Mekic / guitars
- Z. Mikulcic / bass
- B. Turina / drums
- B. Pozgajec / vocals, flute
- I. Kurtovic / vocals, flute, guitars


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Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Drugi Nacin at the moment. Again I'll have to say that it's completely unknown to me. But it's good. I hear some influences of Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Focus or Jethro Tull but not that much. It's absolutely no clone of one of those bands.
What I like the most at this kind of music is atmosphere that's been created by them.
Highlights of this album are 'Na mom dlanu' and 'Stari grad'.

Thanks dear Rockantholgy!
Hvala lijepa!

. said...

I am glad you like it.

Evan said...

I heard 'Zuti List' on the 'Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word' compilation--really excellent track. Thanks for posting this.