Sunday, April 22, 2007

MK FIBRA - SPLIT "From Dusk `Till Down"

Here is a photo report from yesterday`s concert...

The Aliens Band

Bata & Leon

Simha & Peco

Bob Rock & Poor

Some things are allways there...

The best bike I ever saw!!!


poor said...

"Some things are always there..."

Prerano si slika. Bilo je i napetije malo kasnije !
(You took the picture too soon. It was even better a little later!)


. said...

Hi poor! I have her nude but did not want to post it. That is for private collection.

marco said...

Your EGO is cruel.You show something and keep the best for your f... private collection.Remember Jesus("feed the hungry").Anyway,you are doing a great work and we can forgive and thank every single day