Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Megaupload country restrictions bypass!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Bypass Megaupload If You Are Sick of Country Restrictions
Hey ! i was wandering around my Google RSS reader and i came across Leb I Sol album. It was on and its too frustrating (actually i hate it) for me to read country limit messages.So here is my beautiful solution ( available here) :you download the tool, input the megaupload adress, and get the download link.I hate catches and spam and i'm so cautious about it, and this one looks trustworthy. I am happy i discovered it :)you can also download it directly here, but i recommend you visit the site to be sure you get the latest version.Dotcom companies should be aware of the fact that the more they restrict, the more they lose. I bet this country bullshit is a marketing decision.Take Care !
Posted by kocas at 9:56 AM
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Ac Misin? said...
oooh dude, beautiful. It rocksss.

Hope this will help!!!

Thanx kocas!!!


Guilherme said...

Tanx, I downloaded the tool, and later I will see if it works, trying to download the magnificent Caravan live record you post... megaupload is really a pain in the... hope it works... cheers, mate.

Mr. Fix It said...

Thx!But I know a better way to remove megaupload's country limit. Just go to and use the tool on it. It taks only few second. You don't need to download anything! Hope it works well on you, guys!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this...i love this blog

Anonymous said...

Mr Fix it

Your trick doesn't work for me. After pasting the link into the "tool" you don't receive a download link as far as I can see.