Tuesday, April 17, 2007

DOOBIE BROTHERS - What Were Once Vices, Are Now Habits

What Were Once Vices, Are Now Habits is certainly the weirdest title of a Doobie Brothers album, but it is also one of their most entertaining. The album contains their first number one hit, "Black Water". The song is beautifully structured and, as the song suggests, has the easy feel of a boat floating down the river. "Pursuit On 53rd St." is the exact opposite of "Black Water", an aggressive, rocking tune. "Spirit" could be the best song on the album and is a forgotten album track that deserves to be heard. The rest of the album is solid with "Another Park, Another Saturday" (a top 40 hit sliding in at #32), "Eyes Of Silver" and "Road Angel" standing out. - Thomas Magnum

1. Song To See You Through
2. Spirit
3. Pursuit On 53rd St.
4. Black Water
5. Eyes Of Silver
6. Road Angel
7. You Just Can't Stop It
8. Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)
9. Down In The Track
10. Another Park, Another Sunday
11. Daughters Of The Sea
12. Flying Cloud


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful album, forgotten in the days since the mega stardom with Michael McDonald, thanks for posting!

Eyes of Silver

. said...

Agree with you. For me this is Doobies tour the force.

Anonymous said...

Big thanks. Any chance of Toulouse Street? Keep up the great work!