Monday, April 23, 2007

by request: GILA - Bury My Heart At Wounded Kneee

Whereas the first record was psychedelic space rock acid jams, on their second album, Gila, now (1973) consisting of mostly Popol Vuh members, offered something far more sedate. Though Conny Veit was always the leader of Gila, this one comes off much more like a solo effort. The record is a concept album inspired by the book of the same name by Dee Alexander Brown that brought the plight of the North American Indians to international attention. Complex multi-tracked acoustic guitar melodies create a shimmering, even haunting beauty in a lushly Baroque setting, while some of the lyrics are taken from various Native American texts.- Garden of Delights

1. This Morning
2. In A Sacred Manner
3. Sundance Chant
4. Young Coyote
5. The Buffalo Are Coming
6. Black Kettles Ballad
7. Little Smoke

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Anonymous said...

10x x 10 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi RA,again thanx a lot for your immediate reaction(you're quicker in posting than one can hear an album or write a command).Just finished listening to that long missing gem of my FF(Krautcollection)and it really has it's moments.Reminds me,when in early 80's on tour through the 'wild east of germany'to Berlin,a hitch-hiker told me about Gila and C.Veit with whom he sat together in Limbo almost the week before.Since that days I've had a look for this record and what more can I say?I know I'm a bit impertinent,so I give further requests-Papa John Creach(71,72),Quicksiver Messenger Service-Solid Silver,Pearls Before Swine(City of Gold,Beautiful Lies...or Tom Rapp solo),Doldinger's Motherhood.But keep quiet,there's no need for hurry!I wish You the very best!!!

Purple Haze said...

great music!!! never heard about this band before...

Big THX!

are there any other records of this band or similar ones?

Anonymous said...

This is a nice addition to my krautrock collection. I thank you for it!!