Sunday, April 29, 2007

JOSIPA LISAC - Dnevnik jedne ljubavi

As an extraordinary musically gifted child, at the age of 10 she became a member of the Croatian National Television choir. While singing the serious musical repertoire, from the old sacral, classical and modern-avangarde, to folk-traditional music, she acquired her first and then more and more richer musical education. In 1961 their choir wins the GRAND PRIX award on the competition in France as the best children’s choir in the world. Although she was brought up on Monteverdi, Bach, Beethoven and Britten, soon she started to take real interest in rock music, and in 1967 she became the lead singer of a popular rock group "O'Hara", and shortly afterwards "Zlatni akordi" (“Golden chords”). Her very first appearance in public provoked a true sensation with the mass audience: her singing sublimes the very best from the variety of the musical genres, and her first festival appearance, on the greatest popular music festival of that time in the Croatian town Opatija, announces the arrival and the appearance of an extraordinary singing personality on then-Yugoslavian music scene. Not only with her fascinating voice and the original interpretations, but also with her unique and intriguing appearance, Josipa Lisac soon becomes a distinctive and unrepeatable star of rock music. Developing and going persistently forward against all of the usual currents, she forms her own inimitable style of musical expression. She chooses a much harder, but also a more thorough and valuable path in her career.

O jednoj mladosti
Srela sam se s njim
Po prvi put
Jedna kratka vijest
Lezaj od suza
Ne prepoznajem ga
Vjerujem ti sve
Kao stranac


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