Sunday, April 22, 2007

MOBY GRAPE - Live Grape

This was semi-serious attempt to revive the group in 1977; the group (Peter Lewis and Jerry Miller, with occasional help from Mosley and even Spence) played dates throughout the year, mostly around Santa Cruz. A document of this exists as Live Grape, released in 1978 (not including any nights Mosley played), and features a number of new songs.
Manager Matthew Katz, who owned the name "Moby Grape" refused to let the band use it; instead they performed as The Grape, Original Grape, or Maby Grope. "That Lost Horizon" and "Your Rider" are good new Lewis songs, and Miller contributes the country "Here I Sit" and bluesy "I Love You So Much" Only diehards need to bother with it, but it is a pleasant listen.
Do not beleive everything you read about this album. It does not sound as Grape at their beginning but it is a great album to listen to.
1. That Lost Horizon 4:48
2. Here I Sit 2:38
3. Honky Tonk 5:24
4. Cuttin' In 4:51
5. Must Be Goin' Now My Dear 3:35
6. Your Rider 3:12
7. Up In The Air 3:58
8. Set Me Down Easy 5:02
9. Love You So Much 3:38
10. You Got Everything I Need 11:25


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Leno said...

well, anything Grape is good! haven't seen this one - i know it lacks all the original members and vitality, but still expect it to be interesting and worth a listen. thanks.

andre said...

This is a newer one of Moby Grape-but still good

Anonymous said...

Have not heard this one yet.
Does look like it will be a good one tho. Thanks EHARTZELL01

Anonymous said...

već dugo vremena tražim live grape. imao sam je od line records, pa sam je prodao. bilo mi je kassnije veoma žao, tako, da ti zahvaljujem puno.

Karel said...

Great! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

ovo Uroš dugo traži i kako vidim našao je.

Pozdrav iz Zenice (znam Kaštele ko Zenicu)

Split je pravi grad samo brate sada ima previše hercegovaca (malim slovima jer velika ne zaslužuju)

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

I love everything by the Grape, so thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. great blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! Not at all like their older classic albums, but still fun to add to their collection. By the way, this was briefly available on purple vinyl!