Sunday, April 29, 2007

SEPTEMBER - Zadnja avantura

SEPTEMBER was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1975 by two veteran mambers of the super-group called JUGOSLAVENSKA POP SELEKCIJA, organist Tihomir Pop Asanovic and vocalist/guitar player Janez Boncina. They gathered excellent instrumentalists of the then Yugoslavian jazz and rock scene, Petar Ugrin-trumpet/violin, Ratko Divjak-drums, Karel Charlie Novak-bass and Braco Doblekar-saxophone/percussion, for the first album "Zadnja avantura". In the late 1977 the line-up changed when Ugrin, Novak and Divjak left to be replaced by Marjan Malikovic-guitar, Jadran Ogrin-bass and Nelfi Depanger-drums, who took part in the recording of the second album during their American visit in early 1978. In this period they enjoyed certain popularity due to a radio-friendly hit-singl with the title track of the second album "Domovina moja" (Eng. "My Homeland"). They broke-up in late 1979 and the final members, along with Asanovic, Boncina and Doblekar, included Ante Mazuran-guitar, Dani Ganchev-bass and Tone Dimnik-drums. Both Asanovic and Boncina led parallel solo careers.
The style of SEPTEMBER can be desribed as a mellow form of jazz-rock with accessible and relatively short songs, characterized by distinguished vocals of Boncina and excellent instrumental skills of the band. The first album is recommended to fusion fans, while the second was influenced by American AOR sound of the mid-1970s and is more mainstream oriented.

1. Vrijeme gospodar (4:48)
2. Zivot nema pravila (3:47)
3. Potop (4:15)
4. Noc kradljivaca (4:12)
5. Zadnja avantura (6:37)
6. Ostavi trag (4:05)
7. Kanin (4:10)

- Janez Boncina / vocals, guitars
- Ratko Divjak / drums
- Tihomir Pop Asanovic / organ
- Petar Ugrin / violin, trumpet, vocals
- Charley Novak / bass, vocals
- Braco Doblekar / drums, percussion


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