Sunday, April 29, 2007

PARNI VALJAK - Dodjite na show

Parni Valjak was founded in 1975. Unlike many rock bands that would come later, their style was becoming more mainstream, becoming closer to pop, especially compared with the bands like Prljavo Kazalište or Azra.
As years went by, their refusal to change style proved to be the important factor in the band's longevity. They kept a loyal following in 1980s and in 1990s, refusing to allow elements of folk and turbo folk music to become part of their repertoire. Because of that the band enjoys great respect among many Croatian rock critics, being seen as the embodiment of "true" rock and urban culture. Parni valjak kept a relatively small but dedicated following for 30 years, and many people tend to gather at their concerts that feature energetic performances, despite advanced age of the band's members: Aki Rahimovski - vocal, Husein Hasanefendic-Hus - guitars, Marijan Brkic-Brk - guitars, Berislav Blaževic-Bero - keyboards, Zvonimir Bucevic-Buc - bass guitar, Dražen Sholtz-Šolc - drums, Tina Rupcic - vocal, Anita Mlinaric - sax
In December 2005, Parni valjak made a farewell tour of Croatia and Slovenia on their 30th birthday. Their last public performance was an unforgettable concert on New Year's eve in Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, though they stated that more concerts may be held in future.

Dodjite na show
Slicice iz tramvaja
Pjesma o starosti
Mi smo rock & roll band
Prevela me mala zednog preko vode
Svim slomljenim srcima
Predstavi je kraj
O sumama , rijekama i pticama (bonus)
Prevela me mala (bonus)
Parni valjak (bonus)


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Anonymous said...

Hello my friend.
Beautiful band,some good yu hard rock.Do you have too almbum: Gradske priče 1979 ? Please post it!Thanks.Nice blog.Thank you fot it!

. said...

Unfortunately this is the only Parni Valjak album I have. After this album they have changed their style.