Thursday, April 26, 2007

by request: PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - Balaklava

You had to have been a habitue of the East Village, circa 1965 to have even heard of this group. I can only say that the music they produced is as fresh and as innovative now as it was then. Tom Rapp (he of the cleft palate and lead singer) is one of the most distinctive interpreters in the history of music, absolutely nonpareil. These are some of the most plaintive, poetic recordings you're ever going to come across. I urge you, if you are into discovering little-known masterworks , to hear this disc.

1. Trumpeter Landfrey...
2. Translucent Carriages
3. Images Of April
4. There Was A Man
5. I Saw The World
6. Guardian Angels
7. Suzanne
8. Lepers And Roses
9. Florences Nightingale...
10. Ring Thing


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Anonymous said...

My favorite blog!!!
Many 10x for interesting East European bands like Korni Grupa(smashing album, btw!!}, SMAK, Leb i Sol...
Salute from Bulgaria!

Ravenhead said...

Hi, While writing this, i´m
listenin to this band for the first time in my life; never heard of them before...
'Translucent Carriages' is one of the most haunting, majestic songs I have ever heard. It's beautiful.
The whole album is amazing. A real gem of mellow psychedelic-folk.
So thank you very much again.
Greetings, keep on & have a nice day

Michael said...

THanks for the posts, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

cool! how did you know i was looking for this record?

by the way, thanks for putting up a link to my 'earmouse' blog! take care fellow hippie dad!

Anonymous said...

Hi RA,
that's definitely the best output of Tom Rapp,for me at least for 30 years one of my personal favourites(nearly too good to share it-pbs)
Sadlöyn Rapp went the same way as Grace Slick and Captain Beefheart to finish with music ongoing only painting.
If by chance you can get the 1971 releases -Beautiful Lies to Live In-and-City Of Gold-(somewhere in future days)?

. said...

Sorry I do not have it but will look arround. If I found it it will be posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi RA,
thanks for your good will again, just found myself at "Spacedsaviour" blog,worth a look for the more unique specialities'there to find!If you or somebody wants PBS-71-City Of Gold:
PBS-69-Beautiful Lies You Could Live In:
A new request for the only Band from in those days called yougoslavian I had the chance to see live in mid-80's:"3 Mustaphas 3".
Your June proceed I think was a top decision-to get most innovative blogger.
Farewell&greetingsrom Ano-Germanistanovic.

. said...

3 Mustaphas 3 is a British World music band formed in 1986. Core members were Ben Mandelson (under the name Hijaz Mustapha) and Colin Bass (under the name Sabah Habas Mustapha), around which orbited other Mustaphas, all supposed to be the nephews of Uncle Patrel Mustapha. They claimed to originate from the Balkans, but play music from almost every continent; their slogan, "Forward in all directions!", is an expression of this musical diversity. Active at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, they have now stopped producing and performing together, but haven't officially disbanded.

Soon @ RockAnthology

. said...

Just found same one as I have at this link and it is still valid so hurry up to download 3 mustaphas 3 - friends, fiends & fronds


Aurtherly said...

these guys have a few other albums as well Check ou "These Things Too" my personal favorite Tom Rapp was a pioneer