Sunday, April 29, 2007

TAKO - Tako

TAKO are something as unusual as a Yugoslavian jazz-rock and symphonic progressive rock band. The band was put together in 1975 and the band's name means "this way". Between 1975 and their split up in 1981 they released two classical albums: "Tako" (1975) and "U Vréci Za Spavanje" (1980). This is the great reissue from the Brazilian label Rock Symphony, a label that have reissued many forgotten jewels before such as ALPHA III, FRAGL, MALIBRAN, and new releases with HADDAD and TEMPUS FUGIT.
In my opinion the 70's were the heydays for progressive rock, and TAKO have all the ingredients that makes these releases worth owning. They were a 70's band, their sound is very 70's oriented, the cover is so wonderful 70's and the music is complex with lengthy instrumental passages. TAKO's music is a mix between CAMEL, FOCUS, JETHRO TULL, OZRIC TENTACLES, PONK FLOYD and SOLARIS. I strongly recommend you to hear this album if you're into 70's progressive rock. This is how progressive rock sounded long before today's progressive metal.
1. Probudi se ~ Wake up (4:48)
2. Sinteza ~ Synthesis (4:55)
3. Utapanje sunceve svetlosti u pescanu memoriju ~ Merging of sunlight into the memory of sand (6:35)
4. Lena (4:43)
5. Minijatura ~ Miniature (2:55)
6. Druga strana mene ~ Second side of me (16:28)
7. Put na jug ~ Journey to the South (3:42)

- Dusan Cucuz / bass, vocals
- Miroslav Dukic / guitar, vocals
- Slobodan Felekatovic / drums
- Djordje Ilijin / keyboards, flute, harp


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Anonymous said...

wow! this album is awesome! many 10x!
do you have rips of Smak albums? i have on original CD only Egregor, a very nice album, but is different compared to their previous releases.

. said...

Previusly posted at this blio you can find Smak`s first album.

Glosshead said...

Thank you for sharing MUSIC!
I like these groups, THANKS