Sunday, April 29, 2007

HOBO - Hobo

The band HOBO was formed by keyboardist Mato Dosen in Zageb 1972. The line-up also included Sasa Cavric-bass, Josip Belamaric-el. violin, Boris Trubic-percussion, vocal and Mladen Garasic-drums. They appeared at Ljubljana BOOM Festival 1974 and played as a support group at DEEP PURPLE concert in Zagreb 1975. The same year they recorded their only one, eponymous album. Due to lack of commercial success, Dosen soon disbanded the group, and went on to become a successful pop producer and composer.
1. Druzenje
2. Prijatelju
3. Dijete
4. Sretan kraj
5. Raskrsce
6. Postajem lud
7. Srebro
8. Ha-re-ho
9. Cuj me

- Mato Dosen / piano, moog, synthesizer, electric piano, guitars
- Josip Belamaric / electric violin, vocal
- Sasa Cavric/ bass, vocal
- Boris Trubic / congas, percussion, vocal
- Mladen Garasic / drums, vocal

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Glosshead said...

HOBO is awsome only one vynil though ,too bad, the music composed well. THANKS for sharing

Anonymous said...

All together there were 3 vinils (Boom festival 1974, Hobo LP, and Hobo single) with diferent songs