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TIHOMIR POP ASANOVIC - Majko Zemljo @320

Here is another ex Yu pearl...
Tihomir Pop ASANOVIC is one of the best ex-Yugoslavian keyboard players. He started with THE GENERALS in 1968 and played frequently across East European and German jazz clubs. He was original line-up member of TIME, taking part in their celebrated eponymous debut album in early 1972. During the mid-1970s he also played occasionally with YU GRUPA and SMAK, while in 1974 he founded a super group called JUGOSLOVENSKA POP SELEKCIJA (The Yugoslavian Pop Selection), which gathered some of the best rock and jazz players of the era. Together with a colleague from the "Selection", vocalist Janez Boncina, he founded jazz-rock band SEPTEMBER in 1975. After they disbanded in late 1970s he played as a prominent session musician to finish the career as a musical instruments dealer.
Asanovic recorded two jazz-rock solo albums which act as rarity items for collectors nowadays, "Majko Zemljo" (Mother Earth) 1974, and "Pop" 1976. His specialty was Hammond organ. These records are recommended for fans of jazz-rock, funk and fusion styles. - (progarchives)

TIHOMIR POP ASANOVIC - "Majko Zemljo" RECORDED 1974 vinyl rip - great sound, probably the best existing vinylYou will not notice much clips on this one

- Tihomir Pop Asanovic / Keyboards
- Petar Peco Petej / drums
- Janez Boncina / vocal, el. guitar
- Dado Topic / vocal, bass
- Ratko Divjak / drums, percussion
- Braco Doblekar / congas, percussion
- Mario Mavrin / bass
- Pero Ugrin / trumpet
- Stanko Arnold / trumpet
- Ozren Depolo / alto and soprano saxophone
- Dusan Veble / tenor saxophone
- Boris Sinigoj / trombone
- Dragi Jelic / el. guitar
- Ladislav Fidry / trumpet, flugel horn
- Nada Zgur / vocal
- Joze Balazic / trumpet
- Bozidar Lotric / trombone
- Marjan Stropnik / trombone bass
- Josipa Lisac / vocal
- Doca Marlot / vocal

1. Majko zemljo (T. Asanovic) 3:32
2. Balada o liscu (T. Asanovic) 6:06
3. Berlin I (T. Asanovic) 5:30
4. Tema za pop LP (T. Asanovic) 3:39
5. Rokenrol dizajner (T. Asanovic) 2:56
6. Ostavi trag (T. Asanovic) 4:55
7. Telepatija (T. Asanovic) 2:56
8. Berlin II (T. Asanovic) 4:41

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