Sunday, April 22, 2007


Official reissue of the Masters best album from 1972 and perhaps one of the best heavy progressive/psych rock albums of the era. Titled after a particularly fine strain of hash, this is an epic piece of guitar led psychedelic / cosmic progressive rock. Superbly structured epic shards of inspired guitar music that are underscored with a melancholic stream of despair... beautiful stuff that brings tears to your eyes..... Fabulous sound quality.
Great Australian Band!!!

1. Answer Lies Beyond
2. Beneath the Sun
3. Games We Play I
4. Games We Play II
5. The Lesson So Listen
6. Love Is
7. Melodies of St Kilda
8. Southern Cross
9. Thyme To Rhyme

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Rainbow Demon said...

I'm not downloading, but I see no comments here... so...

'Toast' is one of my all-time favorites, and I have this on vinyl for many years. Their previous release, "Choice Cuts" or "The Chair" is also an excellent and under-rated effort from the early 1970s... I believe I read somewhere that they left Austrailia and went to London to record in Abbey Road Studios at the same time The Beatles were recording "Let It Be".

The section with spoken word of Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" always blows me away, even today...
MA were progressive way before the time 'progressive' became popular.

I must say that I appreciate your efforts in bringing the music to the public. This one in particular is a long lost gem.

Keep up the great work mate.

Gambl0r said...

wow...really powerful sound...finest Australian Prog! Thanks for Up.

Mrs. Blast said...

many thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah pity though that people dont think to PAY for this stuff.

My husband is the creator of these songs you so adore & if I didn't have a job we would be virtually on the breadline because of the small royalties he now gets.
EMI now won't release most of this anymore because there is no point. Whoever put this on the web do the right thing by the musician & TAKE IT OFF.

Anonymous said...

Great post
never heard of them before but prog rock will live forever
keep posting RockAnthology

Apedrinho said...

Hello Dear
I don't know about this band. Can you give me a link for downloading?
Thank you

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