Wednesday, April 18, 2007

by request: DOOBIE BROTHERS - Toulouse Street

Toulouse Street finds the Doobie Brothers expanding from a quartet to a quintet by adding bassist Tiran Porter. After their self-titled debut disappeared off the charts without a trace, the band became alot more pop conscious with their second album. The album's first track, "Listen To The Music" is pure AM Gold. Instantly hummable, with a memorable opening guitar riff, the song climbed to number 11 on the charts and started an impressive run for the band in the 70's. The second track, "Rockin' Down The Highway" has a harder edge, but it too is extremely catchy. The album's other big track was their cover of "Jesus Is Just Alright" which is one of their strongest tracks. Besides the big hits, the album offers up some other interesting and strong songs. "Mamaloi" has a reggae vibe and "Cottonmouth" is more in line with the blues based sounds of their first release. The title track is a beautiful, folksy song and the album's closer, "Snake Man" is an especially strong track. The album's original gatefold sleeve is infamous for the inside photo shows the band cuddled up to naked women who are intended to represent the ladies of the night from the street the album's title is inspired by. - Thomas Magnum

1. Listen To The Music
2. Rockin' Down The Highway
3. Mamaloi
4. Toulouse Street
5. Cotton Mouth
6. Don't Start Me To Talkin'
7. Jesus Is Just Alright
8. White Sun
9. Disciple
10. Snake Man


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levedi said...

Great post. I had this on vinyl and played it to death. You reunited me with my youth. Thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you very much for fulfilling my request. I'm very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Question, any change to post some Loggings & Messina?? I would be very gratefull.

. said...

Loggins & Messina 2 albums (2nd & 3rd) coming soon

Anonymous said...

Classic radio gold.