Thursday, April 19, 2007

CAN - Soon Over Babaluma

After Future Days was released, Damo Suzuki left and became a member of the Jehovah's Witness (who his wife he just married belonged to). This left the four core Can members, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Irmin Schmidt, and Jaki Liebezeit to continue on without the benefit of a lead singer. Vocals duties now to Karoli and Schmidt, but much of it more emphasizes the instrumental side of the band.
Once again, the band did something yet different again, not repeating themselves. Ege Bamyasi was not Tago Mago Part II, Future Days was not Ege Bamyasi Part II. Likewise Soon Over Babaluma was not Future Days Part II. Apparently Irmin Schmidt started to acquire some synthesizers (at least it sounds like it to my ears) as well as even a real piano, which I thought was wecomed additions to the Can sound. "Dizzy Dizzy" has the pulsing repetitive sound, while "Come Sta, La Luna" is a real odd one with spoken voices, some Italian and Spanish influences. Next is "Dizzy", which is the band's exploration in to fusion, with Michael Karoli giving some extended violin solos, while Irmin Schmidt gives us some interesting keyboard work. "Chain Reaction" has an almost techno-like feel, but has some great guitar solos and is quite intense throught, it doesn't let up! Then comes "Quantum Physics", which is a much more experimental piece, with Jaki Liebezeit experimenting in percussion, before the band goes in to ambient territory, some of it actually bordering on New Age. Soon Over Babaluma was their last album for United Artists, and is regarded by some as their last essential album, or viewed by others as their first sign of decline, but I hadn't notice the decline here. The only post-Babaluma album I have is Saw Delight, which finds the band exploring disco, but while not bad, is rather uneven (but supposedly nowhere as bad as their following, Out of Reach). Soon Over Babaluma shows that Can kept delivering the goods even if Damo is now gone. Great stuff and highly recommended. - BENJAMIN MILER

1. Dizzy Dizzy
2. Come Sta, La Luna
3. Splash
4. Chain Reaction
5. Quantum Physics


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Pedro said...


Thxs for this great music. Already knew it but wanted mp3 for for my collection...Unfortunately megaupload is just impossible for me. ither the spyware toolbar or just no free slots...Anyway thxs a bunch

dave said...

thank you for the best Can album !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great one ! Really enjoyed it on vinyl but didnt listen to it for a long time. It will be a new pleasure.

tnx for your efforts

Vince, Spain

Anonymous said...

thanks, great band, and excelent blog.