Sunday, April 29, 2007

POP MASINA - Kiselina

POP MAŠINA was formed in early 1972 in Belgrade, Serbia by Robert Nemecek (bass, vocal), Zoran Bozinovic (guitar, vocal), Rasa Djelmas (drums) and Sava Bojic (guitar, vocal). By the end of that year, Bojic left while Djelmas was replaced by Mihajlo Popovic, thus forming the best known power trio line-up.
During 1972/73 they built a reputation of a concert attraction, playing extended "progressive heavy rock" jams for free. Debut album "Kiselina" was recorded in 1973. It presented a conceptual work dealing with themes of drugs and psychedelic trips (the title "Kiselina" is a literal translation of English "Acid"). Until the end of 1976 POP MAŠINA released two more albums: studio "Na izvoru svetlosti" and live "Put ka suncu", the latter being the first full-fledged live rock album by a single artist (earlier live albums were usually recorded on festivals, with various artists) issued in Yugoslavia. Prior to this, only KORNI GRUPA had released double LP "Mrtvo more", which was half-live and half-studio singles collection.
In late 1976 the group split-up leaving Zoran Bozinovic as the sole original member, who then re-assembled the band with Dusan Petrovic (bass), Dusan Djukic (drums) and Zoran's brother Vidoja "Ginger" Bozinovic (guitar). They tried to change the style, approaching jazz-rock territory, but after one unsuccessful single the group finally disbanded in late 1977. Robert Nemecek renewed the band under the name ROK MAŠINA in early 1980s but this group also failed to chart, leaving two unnoticed records.
POP MAŠINA was an influential band in ex Yugoslavia and one of the pioneers of heavy, "acid-rock". Their music was similar to classic heavy blues-rock giants such as BLACK SABBATH, CREAM or LED ZEPPELIN, joining early 1970s heavy metal roots with post-hippie psychedelic ballads. Loud solo guitars and wild shouting of Zoran Bozinovic was matched with mellow, acoustic ballads of Robert Nemecek sometimes containing flute and organ. Both studio albums, "Kiselina" and "Na izvoru svetlosti" are favoured rarities among the classic prog rock aficionados.

1. Na drumu za haos / On the Road to Chaos (4:11)
2. Pesma srecne noci / Song of the Happy Night (4:31)
3. Mir / The Peace (2:49)
4. Kiselina / The Acid (5:25)
5. Trazim put / I'm Looking for the Way (3:48)
6. Povratak zvezdama / Return to the Stars (4:31)
7. Svemirska prica / Tale of the Universe (3:10)
8. Slika iz proslih dana / Picture from the Past (4:25)
9. Jark / The dnE (0:54)
10. Put ka suncu / The Way to the Sun (4:53)
11. Sjaj u ocima / Shine in the Eyes (3:32)
12. Promenicemo svet / We'll Change the World (4:47)
13. Svemirska prica / Tale of the Universe (single version) (3:15)

- Zoran Bozinovic / guitar, voice
- Robert Nemecek / bass guitar, acoustic guitar, voice
- Mihajlo Popovic / drums, percussion
-Drago Mlinarec,
Ljubomir Ninkovic,
Vojislav Djukic,
Trio DAG
Slobodan Markovic
Miroslav Aleksic
Branimir Malkoc


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bolloxi mississippi said...

One look at the picture of these guys and I knew I had to download it first! Really good stuff. I've only ever been familiar with a couple of Yugoslavian bands (Plastic People and Igri Staklenih Perli), nice to hear some straight-up heavy rock stuff.


Glosshead said...

I have heard of POP MASINA there GOOOOD! Jazzy psych stuff, PINK FLOyD without lyrics...THANKS for
the share.