Friday, April 13, 2007

MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Inner Mounting Flame @320

The debut album of the Mahavishnu Orchestra brought John McLaughlin's vision of what fusion should be to world. This album maintains a forceful presence throughout the entire album giving each member of the band a chance in the spotlight. All of the members are high caliber players, so this is no dissappointment whether it be Jerry Goodman's violin playing or Billy Cobhams's rock solid beat.
Even the quiet "You Know, You Know," there is still a special energy that is present in the music. McLaughlin, however, doesn't like to sit still. Most of the pieces include super-fast solos and themes. Throughout the pieces, McLaughlin will run a line in unison with Goodman or Hammer (on keys) that creates an especially unique tone that I've come to love in all of his music.
This is an amazing album and along with Birds of Fire, it is one of the band's best. If you are looking for a representative album of some of the style of Mahavishnu Orchestra, this is a great place to start. It also exemplifies the rock oriented side of the fusion genre and is an imperative addition to any fusion library.

John McLaughlin - Guitar
Jan Hammer - Keyboards, Organ, Fender Rhodes
Jerry Goodman - Violin
Rick Laird - Bass
Billy Cobham - Percussion

"Meeting Of The Spirits" – 6:52
"Dawn" – 5:10
"Noonward Race" – 6:28
"A Lotus On Irish Streams" – 5:39
"Vital Transformation" – 6:16
"The Dance Of Maya" – 7:17
"You Know You Know" – 5:07
"Awakening" – 3:32

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Walter said...

That's one hell of an album. It's like taking the heaviest kind of Hendrix-isms, stretching them into the greatest kind of abstraction and then molding into something that can best be described as "themes." Beautiful.

mrivers said...

Thanks. The only version I had of this was a scratchy worn-out tape. One of my all time faves, so it will be good to listen to it again, fresh and clean