Monday, April 23, 2007


I am angry and hope to see your respond. Let me tell you just this: album "America" has been downloaded 1016 times and 3 comments only. I am going to continue but soon I will change the policy.
Possibilities are:

1. to slow down posting (once a week)

2. to allow downloading for people leaving comments only

I do not expect everyone to leave the comment but the difference between downloading and comments is too big for my stomach. People should appreciate having music available easy.
Do you even remember how difficult were vinyl times?


Anonymous said...

I try to post a thank you for each download I make from a blog...I, for one, really appreciate the time and effort it takes to post such wonderful and enlightening let me say once again, a very BIG THANK YOU for taking the time and putting the thought into what you are doing and I, as one of your readers, am exceedingly grateful for what you are accomplishing...

md said...

Hi -
As one of the people who did post a comment [2 in fact - ho ho] in your America album post I can understand how frustrating it must be after that many dl's, but I suppose a lot of otherwise good folks might hesitate to simply add just a 'Thanks' if they have nothing else to say.
I'm not defending the 'bad guys' who never say Thanks to anyone, but I think the majority of 'silent' people probably do appreciate the work - it's just so easy to be lazy and complacent and that is not how it should be, though I admit to not always posting even a Thanks myself sometimes, here and there.
But you're right - the ratio of comments to dl's for the America album is seriously way off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rock Anthology!
I can understand your anger, but please do not be disheartened. There are those of us out here that really do appreciate the herculean task in terms of time, effort (and frustration!) of manning one of the best blogs on the www (actually, possibly the best in terms of diversity of content). I personally feel it is inconsiderate to download a classic (and often rare in terms of availability) posting and not even have the decency to say just two words, 'thank you'. Please keep on posting. Steve W.

Anonymous said...

A lots many thanks to you sire, with lots of kisses. Please don't feel bad. I guess, downloading music is something people do so many times at so many websites per day that they slowly begin to take it for granted. And most people would never thank anyone for things they think they have a right on. But that does not mean they are not appreciative of your efforts. Please don't mis-translate their behaviour. Yeah, there must be those that are not thankful, but I assure you most of the visitors are. I and 2 other friends who regularly visit your blog are always in awe of your efforts, and wonder how and why you work so hard to share music with blokes like us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SIR.

Now, let me bring to your notice a problem. The megaupload link grabber doesn't work anymore. It keeps showing "file deleted or bad link" message. And country slot gimmick keeps us people in the third world from downloading the albums. Please suggest a way to bypass this problem. I'ven't been able to download anything from your blog since last week. THANKS.

. said...

Thanx a lot! Your support means a lot to me.

To amit: Can you please contact me by e-mail.

calebd said...

I had this on vinyl once upon a time and have wondered if it would sound as well as I remembered. Many thanks for the opportunity to hear it again.

Anonymous said...

Thanx!!!!!!!!!!a lot and very much for all the wonderful music you posted in a very userfriendly way - and special thank you for the 'Second Wind'(so quick availiable)Hats Off to Rock Anthology!!!I believe that the comandless mdl-junkies do not like to keep their spare times with writing-on an other blog could a file get deleted if undownloaded for a while-so comands can kill files,but may be Anthology can help again?(Gila-Bury my Heart...)

Gordon said...

Well I really appreciate the work you do, but You post so much albums that it is hard to get around to all of them. Maybe posting a bit less frequently would give people a chance to respond?
Its up to you, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a new phenomenon. It's everywhere the same. Slowing down won't solve this problem. And I don't think going 'private' will solve this problem either.

I understand you're feeling angry. And you've got much reason for that.

But don't give up. Mybe it's all about building something up. Get to know some people. There are people who are willing to support you. And not only by leaving some comments. But it takes time.

So: Don't give up!
And THANX!!!!
Hvala lijepa.

Anonymous said...

kao sto vidis, ima gomila sveta :)
znas kakvi su ljudi, dok im je sve u redu, ne pricaju; cim prestane da stima, javice se oni sami:)

svako dobro & samo napred!

pozdrav iz bgd


Anonymous said...

I didn't download America. Just don't like American sound.
But downloaded some others and am really greatful.
Wouldn't be much problem for you to publish more Yugoslavian rock?

Trully appreciate your efforts!
Keep going!


Anonymous said...

I love ya man!
R. Bruce G

robert said...

I really appreciate the fantastic blog-thank you for
the incredible posts!

zippy said...

I really appreciate the hard work and effort that you put into your fantastic blog..I know how time consuming and frustrating uploading can be..
A really tremendous collection of music - Thank you!!

YUTOPIA said...

Sasvim si u pravu ,ja imam ovaj moj blog i za mjesec dana je preko 1800 upada na blog al komentara je smjesno malo - to normalno se ne moze uporedit sa tvojim radom , ljudima mozda nije jasno da sve ovo zahtjeva vremena !!!!!! be good , m

YUTOPIA said...

I bas bi bilo fino vidjeti nekog sa naseg govornog podrucja da ostavi komentar . Jesam li ja to jedini !!????

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here. I have seen similar posts at other sites expressing anger over comments. You've been frank, so I will be too. It's kind of a turn off reading this. I know it doesn't apply to me, but still... just makes you seem surly. Yes, more people should leave comments, but if that's the only reason you're doing this, you should quit.

I find it better to give and expect nothing in return. Then when I do get gratitude, I appreciate it all the more. Otherwise you just get caught up in accounting: Is 10 comments enough? 17? 20 comments?

Why worry about it?

From what I can tell, it looks like you've got a great site going here. So thanks for all you do, even if I did just get here.


Ace Hamilton

. said...

This is for Ace - Thanx for your comment! I fully understand your point and partialy agree with it. I have mentioned before that I do not expect everyone to leave a comment but you should understand that for me this is the way of comunicating about music I like. If you read some comments you can notice what I am talking about. What do you like? What does music mean to you? What do you think about those times when music (and me) were young? ..and so on... That is what is interesting, I think - so I apreciate any kind of comunication in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Khan - Space Shanty!

I stumbled upon your blog with a Google search string I use.

Sort of surprised that I never made it here before since we have very similar taste in music.

Will try to remember to comment and give thanks the next time I happen back.

Until then, remember that people are generally grateful, but nearly always lazy ;(

Anonymous said...

Spectacular, to say the least... thank you so much

RG said...

It is easy to forget how hard was to get new music, and the cost of it...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I have replace some vinyl I used to have, and I have discover a lot of prog rock from the 70s from all the world.

Keep doing this superb job.
Regards from Guatemala, Central America