Tuesday, April 10, 2007

IT`S A BEAUTIFUL DAY - Two albums @320

It's A Beautiful Day was a band formed in San Francisco in 1967, and was the brainchild of violinist and vocalist David LaFlamme. David had previously been in the band Orkustra. The other members were David's wife Linda (keyboards), Pattie Santos (vocals), Hal Wagenet (guitar), Mitchell Holman (bass) and Val Fuentes (drums). The group was a bit of a latecomer to the psychedelic scene, and is often considered to have been among the "second wave" bands that emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area.
The band's debut album, It's A Beautiful Day, released in 1969, featured the tracks "White Bird" (which quickly became a hit), "Hot Summer Day" and "Time Is". The vocals and violin playing of David LaFlamme plus Pattie Santos' singing drew a huge following in the Bay Area.
By 1970 the original lineup of the band had changed a little (David and Linda had split up: David stayed, Linda left the band, and Fred Webb replaced her), but their next album, Marrying Maiden, released in 1970, still included some popular tracks and didn't fail to chart.
The band continued to record (Choice Quality Stuff in 1971 and the live album Live At Carnegie Hall in 1972) and tour until 1974. Although they were still able to produce some very popular tunes, they failed to generate the interest they had enjoyed in previous years. In 1974, they dissolved. Sadly, Pattie Santos was killed in a car crash on December 14, 1989.
It's A Beautiful Day reunited in 1997. The band still features founder David LaFlamme and original drummer Val Fuentes. They have recently completed a string of shows in 2005 and plan to continue playing in 2006 and beyond.

It`s A Beautiful Day
1. White Bird
2. Hot Summer Day
3. Wasted Union Blues
4. Girl With No Eyes
5. Bombay Calling
6. Bulgaria
7. Time Is

It`s A Beautiful Day At Carnegie Hall (live)
1. Give Your Woman What She Wants
2. A Hot Summer Day
3. Angels And Animals
4. Bombay Calling
5. Going To Another Party
6. Good Lovin'
7. The Grand Camel Suite
8. White Bird

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It`s A Beautiful Day
It`s A Beautiful Day At Carnegie Hall (live)

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George Robinson said...

Oh boy does this bring back memories. I bought this for the cover art; in those days Columbia had the best design people in the music business and I bought more than a few of their LPs because the covers intrigued me. This was one of the less egregious such purchases.

Thanks for reminding me of the era of popular music in which I grew up.

. said...

That was surely A Beautiful Day my friend...:)

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff;thanks!

Gordon said...

Deep purple completely stole child in time from Its a Beautiful day!
A good album. a little inconsistent at times but still very likeable.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the "It's A Beautiful Day ...Today" 1973 album wich is my favorite.I would pleased very much if I see it here because I have it in vinyl.Your site is the way I like (The presentation and the kind of music you post)Thanks from Greece.