Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RockAnthology Tribute To Blogs

Some of you already know that I have a 2 hour radio show called Rock Anthology. Since this year`s first hour of this programme is dedicated to rare stuff and second hour to classic rock band I have decided to use first hour to be presented on this blog. Therefore i will at the end of each week upload a compilation of rare music that will be broadcasted every Sunday in my programme. This compilations will be called ROCKANTHOLOGY TRIBUTE TO BLOGS and will be given a my favorite blog name to each of them, for example "ROCKANTHOLOGY TRIBUTE TO BLOGS No. 1 - 8 DAYS IN APRIL". However this doesn`t mean that music included to particular compilation can be found on one blog exclusively.
Hope you like the idea....
By downloading this files you will not only have a nice 1 hour set of music, but also can search blogs for music you did not know before.
Yes, all the music included in this project can be found on MY FAVORITE BLOGS.......Cheers!!!
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poor said...
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poor said...

Nice idea !
Golam, Golam, my precious !

Gordon said...

sounds cool. Is there anywhere I can download your radio show? Or is it even in english?

Anonymous said...

how i like this blog! - my kind of music - i think i mean the years i felt "high" - thanks so much!

. said...

To Gordon - unfortunately it is not possible.
To Anonymus - I hope time did not change you too much.