Friday, April 20, 2007

by request: LOGGINS & MESSINA - Loggins & Messina + Full Sail

While this talented duo created many fine albums together this one stands out as one of most representative of their impact. When I hear what passes for "country music" these days I can't help but think back to what L&M pioneered in the early 70s. Along with Poco (an earlier creation of Mr. Messina) they created true country/rock and showcased it with style and near-flawless performances. They dared to knock down the walls with "Good Friend" and "Angry Eyes" while soothing us with "Golden Ribbons" and "Long Tail Cat" on the same lp. There's a whole industry sector out there that owes their very existence to these two.

1. Good Friend
2. Whiskey
3. Your Mama Don't Dance
4. Long Tail Cat
5. Golden Ribbons
6. Thinking of You
7. Just Before the News
8. Till the Ends Meet
9. Holiday Hotel
10. Lady of My Heart
11. Angry Eyes

Quite simply the best thing L&M ever put down on vinyl. There are good things before and good things after, but Full Sail represents the height of their creativity. It is also a continum of L&M music, starting with commercially cute "Lahaina," to the progressive "Pathway to Glory," to the rock and roll/Calypso meld of "You Need a Man/Coming To You." "Watching the River Run" is a poetic masterpiece which deserves more credit than its Top 40 appearance on commercial radio. The album ends in Beatlesque style with Sailin' the Wind's mild cacophony of seas sounds. A true masterpiece not to be missed.

1. Lahaina
2. Travelin' Blues
3. My Music
4. A Love Song
5. You Need A Man/Coming To You
6. Watching The River Run
7. Pathway To Glory
8. Didn't I Know You When
9. Sailin' The Wind

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Loggins & Messina

Full Sail

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Anonymous said...

Hi-First I thank you for your good work,that normaly has very high quality sounds,but sadly recognised that something seems to be wrong with the LM-Full Sail-surely not depending on the bitrate of 192kb,it has a distortion sound on all tracks-if you see a way to do it again?Would be nice,also LM On Stage if you could post it,also Gong's '88 Second Wind seems impossible to get anywhere around the blog.Meanwhile be tuned to your Here & Now announcement-Have a good time!

. said...

Thanx for your input. I will check LM album but when listening did not notice any distortion. I will check it later today anyway and let you know if I can do something about it.

Eric said...

Thanks so much; great albums. I was a teenager when these came out, and L&M were one of my favorites. God knows they were popular, but I never understood why the Eagles were more successful. Saw them live a couple times, too, and they were so tight - their band was amazing. Missed their reunion tour, but hears it was good. Thanks again for all your work on the blog.

. said...

The sound on Full Sail is not great as noticed by anonymous but that is the only copy I have. Sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

Been away for a few days and almost missed my request. Thanx!!
Looking forward to more posts!!

TheSeeker said...

Thank you for these nice gems.
I'm still looking for these:

Loggins & Messina - So Fine