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WISHBONE ASH - Wishbone Ash + Pilgrimage + Argus

Wishbone Ash is the first album by legendary rock band Wishbone Ash. The band's debut album became a reality when they were opening for Deep Purple in early 1970. Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was jamming during the band's soundcheck when Wishbone guitarist Andy Powell boldly plugged in and began jamming with Blackmore.
After the show, Blackmore recommended that MCA Records sign the band. Deep Purple producer Derek Lawrence produced this album, which features elements of blues, folk, progressive rock, and psychedelic improvisation. The album was a success and Wishbone Ash would soon become one of the most popular rock bands of the early 1970s.

Martin Turner – bass, vocals
Andy Powell – guitar, vocals
Ted Turner – guitar, vocals
Steve Upton – drums

Blind Eye – 3:15
Lady Whiskey – 6:13
Errors Of My Way – 6:56
Queen Of Torture – 3:23
Handy – 11:37
Phoenix – 10:26

Pilgrimage is the second album by Wishbone Ash. The album focuses more on folk and acoustic music as opposed to the blues rock sound that dominated the first album. The album also contains an instrumental jazz workout ("Vas Dis") and a four-part harmony vocal track in the spirit of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ("Valediction").
The album sold well, but the band would reach their creative and commercial peak with their next release.

Vas Dis – 4:41
The Pilgrim – 8:30
Jail Bait – 4:41
Alone – 8:20
Lullaby – 2:59
Valediction – 6:17
Where Were You Tomorrow – 10:23

Argus is their third album. It is the most popular Wishbone Ash album and widely considered the greatest. It was named "Album of the Year" in the 1972 year-end issue of Sounds Magazine. The album features a blend of progressive rock, folk, and heavy metal, and is considered a landmark album in the progression of twin-lead guitar harmonization later adopted by bands such as Iron Maiden and Umphrey's McGee.
With the success of Argus, the band also became one of the most popular live attractions of the day.

Time Was – 9:42
Sometime World – 6:55
Blowin' Free – 5:18
The King Will Come – 7:06
Leaf & Stream – 3:55
Warrior – 5:53
Throw Down The Sword – 5:11


Wishbone Ash



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for Wishbone Ash. It's a great band. Not that heavy. But good. Argus is absolutely their masterpiece. The others are also very good.

YUTOPIA said...

Thanx za Argus , imao sam taj LP , a sad cu da preslusam ove druge , nadam se da su bar priblizno dobri ko Argus !??

Anonymous said...

Would greatly apprecate a post of Wishbone Ash's Fourth album. Darned hard to find!
Great work on the blog.

. said...

Wishbone Ash 4 coming soon

Gordon said...

Am I the only one that thinks their debut is their best! Argus is good also but I prefer the raw power of their first.

. said...

Agree with you Gordon! There is a big difference between those 2 albums. However as a teenager I was listening Argus a lot as well. It seams that that were 2 different bands and not the same one. Post Argus for me is not good at all, maybee some tracks from Live Dates I & II.

Anonymous said...

Excellent albums. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love Wishbone Ash

dmitarbg said...

Ako budu radili linkovi posto malo kasnim sa nalaskom tvog bloga ma kako Hvala

Anonymous said...

Wishbone Ash was always phenomenal thank you so much for the postings

wine-women-and-song said...

Muchísimas gracias por toda la música, Rockantology es el mejor blog. Graciasss!!!