Thursday, April 5, 2007

SANTANA - Caravanserai @320

Caravanserai, released in October 1972, marked a major turning point in Carlos Santana's career as it was a sharp departure from his critically acclaimed first three albums. 1971 marked the departure of original bassist David Brown who was replaced by Doug Rauch and Tom Rutley. Keyboardist Gregg Rolie, who was having a falling-out with Santana, was replaced by Tom Coster on a few songs.The sound contrasted greatly with Santana's trademark fusion of salsa, rock, and jazz, and concentrated mostly on jazz-like instrumental passages. All but three songs were instrumentals, and consequently the album yielded no hit singles.

Track listing
"Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation" (Rutley/Schon/Shrieve) – 4:28
"Waves Within" (Rauch/Rolie/Santana) – 3:54
"Look Up (to See What's Coming Down)" (Rauch/Rolie/Santana) – 3:00
"Just in Time to See the Sun" (Rolie/Santana/Shrive) – 2:18
"Song of the Wind" (Rolie/Santana/Schon) – 6:04
"All the Love of the Universe" (Santana/Schon) – 7:40
"Future Primitive" (Areas/Lewis) – 4:12
"Stone Flower" (Jobim/Santana/Shrieve) – 6:15
"La Fuente del Ritmo" (Lewis) – 4:34
"Every Step of the Way" (Shrieve) – 9:05

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Gordon said...

This album is great. Each song flows into the next seamlessly and the atmosphere created is amazing.
Definitely recomended if you dont already have it.

Anonymous said...

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