Sunday, April 8, 2007

BLUES PROJECT - Reunion At Central Park @320

One of the first album-oriented, "underground" groups in the United States, the Blues Project offered an electric brew of rock, blues, folk, pop, and even some jazz, classical, and psychedelia during their brief heyday in the mid-'60s. It's not quite accurate to categorize them as a blues-rock group, although they did plenty of that kind of material; they were more like a Jewish-American equivalent to British bands like the Yardbirds, who used a blues and R&B base to explore any music that interested them. Erratic songwriting talent and a lack of a truly outstanding vocalist prevented them from rising to the front line of '60s bands, but they recorded plenty of interesting material over the course of their first three albums, before the departure of their most creative members took its toll.
Considering that the original lineup had broken up six years earlier, this ranks as one of the most artistically successful reunions in blues or rock. If there were any ego problems, they don't show; typically Kalb and Kooper shine, but all five are playing as a team. Most important, the members seem to respect their own past -- and re-create it with spontaneity and energy.

1. Louisiana Blues
2. Steve's Song
3. I Can't Keep from Crying, Sometimes
4. You Can't Catch Me
5. Fly Away
6. Caress Me Baby
7. Catch the Wind
8. Wake Me, Shake Me
9. Two Trains Running
10. Closing-Audience

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andre said...

This is simply his best album

winfried said...

oh well, Chicago, Blood Sweat & tears, Colosseum, please go with this kind of music, and what about others from Blues Project ??