Wednesday, April 4, 2007

MALO - same (1972)

Malo is one of the most successful and enduring Latin rock bands in the world. In 2007, they're celebrating their 35th anniversary. Their biggest hit, "Suavecito" reached number 18 on the Billboard charts in April of 1972. They've played all over the world and have performed on the bill with the Rolling Stones and Queen. Malo has at least ten albums to their credit and continue to tour. In 1997, along with Tierra and El Chicano, they recorded a live album called "Latin Legends Live." The three bands have toured extensively since as "Latin Legends."
To get the story of Malo, it begins with lead singer Arcelio Garcia. Arcelio was born in Puerto Rico and moved to San Francisco with his family when he was three years old. When he was a teenager, some friends of his had a singing group and asked him to sing with them because their baritone had gone into the army. Arcelio didn't know if he could sing, but said he'd give it a shot. He found that he liked it and started to learn from his more experienced friends. One day a car drove by while Arcelio was singing on the sidewalk with his group. The driver told Arcelio he liked his voice and asked him if he would join his band. Arcelio checked it out and joined the band called the Malibus, named after the sporty Chevrolet. They went on to become a very well known and popular band in the Bay area in the mid-sixties. At first they played mainly r&b, but later started to add Latin music to the mix. Three or four years into the career of the Malibus, a guitarist was brought in by the name of Jorge Santana, the brother of the already famous Carlos Santana.
In 1970 the Malibus changed their name to Malo and things started happening. By 1971, they were signed to Warner Brothers Records and recorded their first album, which was simply entitled "Malo" (BS-2584). Arcelio co-wrote four of the six songs, including their classics "Nena" and "Cafe." Released in 1972, "Malo" also included "Suavecito," which had evolved from a song they had written and been doing in clubs called "My Love." One of the band members at the time, Richard Bean, wrote a new lyric which gave birth to a major hit record. Malo members Pablo Tellez and Abel Zarate also got credit for the composition. "Suavecito" led to world tours and laid the groundwork for their career of three decades so far. The members on the first album were: Arcelio Garcia, lead vocals; Jorge Santana, lead guitar; Abel Zarate, lead guitar, vocals; Pablo Tellez, bass; Richard Spremich, drums; Richard Kermode, keyboards; Luis Gasca, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals; and Roy Murray, 2nd trumpet, trombone, flute and sax. Guest musicians included Coke Escovedo, timbales; Victor Pantoja, congas; and Richard Bean, timbales and lead vocal on "Suavecito." Malo has always had a "melting pot" of an ethnic mix, with Chicanos, Anglos, and people of Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, and Philippino descent.



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Anonymous said...

This is a great album that surely sounds like Santana but with great brass section. Thanx!
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Georgi the Bulgarian said...

Thanks! I didn't have any information about Malo, but now I like that album.

igorbstrange said...

Awesome album. The latin beat, horn section and overall ability of this group should have made them more than a "one hit wonder".
I enjoy it today as much as I did when it first came out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all this great music. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, would you happen to have another album by MALO - EVOLUTION. If you have it, or if you can find the way to post it, would you please be so kind to do it. I miss that album very much.
Thanx again for this beautiful music.

Best Regards,
Zdenko Milos
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