Sunday, April 8, 2007

ERIC BURDON & WAR - Eric Burdon Declares War @320

The debut effort by Eric Burdon and War was an erratic effort that hinted at more potential. Three of the five tunes are meandering blues-jazz-psychedelic jams, two of which, "Tobacco Road" and "Blues for Memphis Slim," chug along for nearly 15 minutes. These showcase the then-unknown War's funky fusion and Burdon's still-impressive vocals. "Spill the Wine" is inarguably the greatest moment of the Burdon-fronted lineup. Not only was this goofy funk shaggy-dog story one of the most truly inspired off-the-wall hit singles of all time, it was War's first smash -- and Eric Burdon's last. The odd closing track, a short piece of avant-garde sentimentality called "You're No Stranger" was deleted from re-releases of this album for years due to legal complications, but was restored for its CD reissue. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track listing
01 The Vision Of Rassan - 7:40
Dedication /Roll On Kirk
02 Tobacco Road - 14:24
Tobacco Road /I Have A Dream /Tobacco Road
03 Spill the Wine - 4:51
04 Blues For Memphis Slim - 13:08
Birth /Mother Earth /Mr. Charlie Danish Pastry /Mother Earth
05 You're No Stranger - 1:55

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Don't be disencouraged by that.
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Thanx! I understand that and will keep on no matter what. I was one of those who was mostly grabbing but that is the reason why I have my own blog now. It is a way of giving back. Life is not only take but also give, isn`t it?

Anonymous said...


Pleased and grateful :)

I've been happy to have been able to gather back to me a couple of 'oldies' a few of them have been sourced via your blog.

Many thanks for sharing them here.

This album completes the list of those that I was seeking to replicate of my old LP vinyls with a copy in a digital format.