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David Gilmour is the eponymous first solo album from Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour, released in May 1978 (see 1978 in music) in the UK and on June 17, 1978 in the US. The album reached #17 in the UK and #29 on the Billboard US album charts and was certified Gold in the US by the RIAA. The album was produced by Gilmour himself, and consists mostly of bluesy, guitar-oriented rock songs except for the ballad So Far Away.
The album was recorded at Super Bear Studios in France between December of 1977 and early January of 1978 with engineer John Etchells. Then the album was mixed at the same studio in March of 1978 by Nick Griffiths. The cover was done by Hipgnosis and Gilmour.The album's only single was "There's No Way Out of Here" which flopped in Europe but did well on American rock stations. The song was originally recorded by the band Unicorn (which Gilmour produced) in 1976 as "No Way Out of Here" for their album Too Many CrooksThe album is a Joker's Wild reunion of sorts, with Rick Wills and Willie Wilson joining Gilmour for the recording of the album.One of the tunes he wrote at the time, but did not use, evolved into the Pink Floyd classic "Comfortably Numb". The instrumental song "Raise My Rent" includes bits that would later be resurrected in the Pink Floyd songs "What Do You Want from Me" and "Keep Talking".A slightly different version of the song, "Short and Sweet", can also be found on Roy Harper's 1980 album, The Unknown Soldier.David Gilmour was re-released by EMI Records in Europe as a digital remaster on August 14, 2006. Legacy Recordings/Columbia Records released the remastered CD in the US and Canada on September 12, 2006.

Track listing
"Mihalis" – 5:46
"There's No Way Out of Here" (Ken Baker) – 5:08
"Cry from the Street" (David Gilmour/Eric Stuart) – 5:13
"So Far Away" – 6:04
"Short and Sweet" (David Gilmour/Roy Harper) – 5:30
"Raise My Rent" – 5:33
"No Way" – 5:32
"Deafinitely" – 4:27
"I Can't Breathe Anymore" – 3:04

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