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Another important group that was musical pioneer of late 60’s when Danish rock became more and more ambitious. This power rock trio (Peer Frost: guitar, Peter Ingemann: bass, Ken Gudman: drums) presents blues-based psychedelic rock coloured with hippie atmosphere of that time.
Their first album Blomsterpistolen [The Flower Pistol] begins with crazy sound Overture that evolves into Take Warning where the musicians (and especially Frost) show their superior talent. Most of the compositions were used for a series of three TV programs for teenagers presenting the story of aliens that landed on the Earth and whose weapon were guns shooting flowers. Two compositions are sung in Danish. There is a cover version of Bob Dylan’s Down Along The Cove and B.B. King’s You Upset Me Baby. The musicians often reach out for poetry of Walt Whitman – on Blomsterpistolen there are 3 compositions with lyrics of this American poet.
Second album was recorded with Niels Skousen (guitar) who later cooperated with Ingemann on several albums. It presents similar excellent music, a bit heavier, mainly due to frequent guitar jamming. The last track Kragerne Vender is a freeform jam session with Maxwells and Steen Claësson from Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe. In 1969 the group composed three compositions for Jens Jørgen Thorsens movie “Quiet Days In Clichy” - Behind The Golden Sun, Menilmontant and Party Beat. The last one you can find on Sonet/Polygram CD reissue.
The musicians remained very active, Frost played in Rainbow Band/Midnight Sun and Savage Rose; Gudman in e.g. Culpeper’s Orchard, Mo-I-Rana, Savage Rose. Ingemann played with Skousen in Musikpatruljen also as a duo and guest musician. He played in No Name (album Fødelandssange - 1972), Dream City, as a session musician with folk-rock singer Sebastian.


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andre said...

I have the Bloomsterpistolen and i hope thi is also a good Album
many Thanks

andre said...

Hello again
Now i just finish with the Listening.Great

Franz said...

Didn't know that before, only have the Polygram CD with their both albums and the Quiet Days in Clichy LP. On this LP the songs are shorter than in the film, does anybody know if there exist full length versions of them, especially "Menilmontant"?

Paige said...

This sounds good, I'm giving it a try! Thank you :D