Saturday, June 2, 2007

ELOY - Down + Ocean

This is one of Eloy's strongest albums. It shows that they have improved their skills in songwriting as well as their mastery in their instruments. Also, the sound quality is better than in the previous albums. The album is very cohesive and symphonic. The pink floyd influences are less obvious, giving a fresher feel. The lyrics and vocals still suffer.
The first set of short songs are connected together, forming a mini-epic which begins with a string arrangement that is followed by a prog rock arrangement with blues-style vocals. It ends with a female vocalist. I like the way she sings. The Sun Song and The Dance in Doubt and Fear are space rock pieces full of keyboard playing. The former has more of a ballad feel while the latter is more energetic and has lots of dialogue. The "Lost" epic focuses on the music, and it succeds. There are plenty of good moments in this piece. The Midnight flight is a good long rocker with memorable riffing, but this website has a much better version of it in the samples. The last epic begins with another spacy soft rock until a bass line is brought to the front of the musical landscape and a reference to a Yes song is quoted. Later, female choirs are brought to the mix. Then, more instruments start appearing making this a well-done buildup to the climax which consists of a moog/guitar duet solo. The piace (and album) ends with strings.
Overall, this is a good concept album that should be own for the music, not the lyrics.

1. Awakening
2. Between the Times
3. Sun Song
4. Dance in Doubt and Fear
5. Lost!?? (Introduction)
6. Memory Flash
7. Appearance of the Voice
8. Return of the Voice
9. Lost (The Decision)??
10. Midnight-Flight/The Victory of Mental Force
11. Gliding Into Light and Knowledge
12. Reveil du Soleil/The Dawn

While this album is far from being a masterpiece and has some weaknesses, it is a very solid German album of spacey prog rock that is influenced by Pink Floyd

Poseidon's Creation : 5/10 : This is a solid intro for the album and contains memorable synth/guitar riffs, but the vocals are weak and the song drags and is not very interesting.

Incarnation of the Logos : 7/10 : While the intro is nothing to write home about, it then gets into a section with an amazing bass line and great synth riffs.

Decay of The logos : 6/10 : for some reason, I find the vocals very catchy in moments, and the guitar solo shines. There is also a very nice-sounding keyboard solo.

Atlantis Agony : 8/10 : Easily the best song from the album. The first 7 minutes sound very spacy, mellow and electronic which is the highlight of the album for me. Then, it finishes with a memorable bass riff followed by a drumming effect in which it sounds like the drummer is underwater! Amazing! ... the rest is good, if not great music.
Down & Ocean - comments by ZITRO


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Anonymous said...

Eloy is one of classical rock bands. Dawn and Ocean are really some of there best albums. Two masterpieces!
Magnificent choice!

Salvador said...

Eloy is for sure one of Germany's best and most noted prog bands. Thanks!