Thursday, June 28, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 14

ACHE - Green Man

Ache started in 1968 heaving their roots in the hippie subculture of Copenhagen. They played a mixture of beat, symphonic-rock and classical-rock with strong organ and guitar interplays. Ache was said to be Danish equivalent of Procol Harum but its music was also under influence of Van der Graaf Generator and The Nice (great combination anyway!). The first album The Homine Urbano includes only two compositions. On side A there is a title track composed for ballet (performed in e.g. Copenhagen and Moscow). On Little Things (that covers the whole side B) the musicians started working in 1968 and since then they developed it piece by piece. According to them the composition is about little things that exist around us. It is slightly better developed than The Homine Urbano and must-have not only for symphonic-rock proggers.
Ache were planning to create Ache Rock Theatre an artistic event. This idea, unfortunately, failed due to lack of money, but music on their second album Green Man(except track Acheron) comes from that show. Compositions on this record are shorter (none exceeds 9 minutes) which enabled musicians to present more diverse material. Some tracks remind of the previous album (Equatorial Rain, The Invasion, Acheron), some are more like hits e.g. beautiful Shadow Of A Gipsy or titled Green Man. The last composition is Ache-ish cover of The Beatles' We Can Work It Out.
Torsten Olafsson said in 1971 about their music: When listening to music you may sometime imagine sceneries on situations appearing from far away, from sub consciousness, and when experiencing sceneries or happenings you may as well put sounds or music to them; and in both ways picture and sound will be linked together, and you will always believe them to belong to each other".Ache soon disbanded but in 1976 reformed in different line-up and recorded two albums. The first rock opera Pictures From Cyclus 7 is said to be a better one.

- Torsten Olafsson / vocals, bass, spinet
- Peter Mellin / Hammond organ, vibraphone, vocals
- Finn Olafsson / guitars, vocals, percussion
- Glenn Fischer / drums, percussion
- Johnny Reimar / backing vocals

1. Equatorial rain (6:59)
2. Sweet Jolly Joyce (3:47)
3. The Invasion (5:58)
4. Shadow Of A Gypsy (4:38)
5. Green Man (4:38)
6. Accheron (4:47)
7. We Can Work It Out (8:43)


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Misongod said...

First(De Homine Urbano)is better.Antologic.Don´t you think the same?By the way about Denish bands):
Do you have self title of Burning Red Ivanhoe?Only one in fault in my collection.Any chance?
Best regards

. said...

I have them both and like them both too. Burning Red Ivanhoe I have but only "w.w.w." and "Right On". I will try to find first and post it if found.

Misongod said...

yes."w.w.w." is the best.No doubt."Miley Smile" is very good too.
"M 144"have moments.Midnight Sun with some Burning´s menbers is very good too.A sound a little IF.
Many thanks

pat said...

hello!how are you?thanks for this nice album!bye