Friday, June 22, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 8


Cressida were an excellent band of early British symphonic progressive scene. Their sound is mostly dominated by the most beautiful and symphonic Hammond organ (dirty, and mellow), piano, bass, guitar, and drums. The instrumental sections are equally good, and tend to be typical of early 70s English prog rock. Thanks to the captivating atmospheres and the technical ability of the musicians. Similar bands include FANTASY, BEGGARS' OPERA, CIRKUS, GRACIOUS, and SPRING.
Their self-titled debut is an early seventies forgottonclassic with delicate vocals, gobs of organ and acoustic guitar. DEFINITELY A CLASSIC!

- Angus Cullen / vocals
- John Heyworth / guitar, lead vocals on track 5
- Peter Jennings / harpsichord, organ, piano
- Kevin McCarthy / bass
- Iain Clark / drums

1. To Play Your Little Game (3:15)
2. Winter is Coming Again (4:42)
3. Time For Bed (2:18)
4. Cressida (3:57)
5. Home And Where I Long To Be (4:04)
6. Depression (5:02)
7. One Of A Group (3:35)
8. Lights In My Mind (2:45)
9. The Only Earthman In Town (3:32)
10. Spring '69 (2:14)
11. Down Down (4:15)
12. Tomorrow Is A Whole New Day (5:19)


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db said...

been after this one for a while.
very pleased to find it.
many thanks.
greetings from sarf west London.

Gordon said...

This is surprisingly good. The song composition is above average and the solos don't go on too long, thy add nicely to the song.

sheik yerbouti said...

Thank you for this CD, hard to find.

young and monde said...

this is a good album. i prefer their first LP. i don't think there is much about cressida that can be said to be typical, a characterization that i find in a lot of reviews. their compositions, style and general sound is wholly unique. they border on the grandiose but never fail by becoming overly self-conscious.

Anonymous said...

please repost the download link