Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 3

The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1

Released by Paramount Records, 1971's "The Adventures of Robert Savage, Volume 1" is one of those albums that initially doesn't seem to have a great deal going for it. The first time I spun it quickly faded into background noise. Luckily I dumped it into an 'also ran' pile that I came back to a couple of months later. Mind you, this set won't change your life in any way, but namesake singer/guitarist Savage, bassist Don Parish and drummer Tommy Richards turned in what is a pretty impressive set of Hendrix-inspired hard rock and white boy blues. Whomever he was, material such as 'Amy (The Insane)' and the instrumental 'Road Apples' demonstrated that Savage was a pretty decent guitarist. On the other hand lyrically tracks such as 'Beaver Baby', ' A Hard One' and 'Seven Days Drunk' weren't exactly Pulitzer Prize noteworthy, though they were goofy enough to be worth hearing (check out 'Amy (The Insane)'). It all comes together in the form of the bizarre 'Save Us from the Cyclops'.

1.) Beaver Baby - 3:05
2.) Milk Run - 3:10
3.) Don't Run and Hide - 4:03
4.) A Hard One - 3:19
5.) Seven Days Drunk - 4:29
6.) Save Us From The Cyclops - 5:46
7.) Amy (The Insane) - 3:55
8.) Lonely World - 3:08
9.) Road Apples - 4:24


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pat said...

excellent!thanks for this great album!

bolloxi said...

Hey, this is great stuff! Never heard of this guy before your post, I dig it.

Fuzzbox said...

Killer album ... thanks for sharing :)