Thursday, June 7, 2007

OZRIC TENTACLES - Jurrasic Shift

The Ozric Tentacles are a truly curious bunch in that they have this unerring tendency and uncanny ability to make great scads of progressive and space music that has true heart — there are very few times when one can connect fabulous technical skill with such a strongly emotional core, and never mind the mystical triggers. Aside from this — sort of typical marked praise — there is the Ozric ability to blend ideas and styles, causing fairy-light synthesizer washes to turn into dub riddims, which then support jazz elements that fade away to another dose of the fairy-light synthesizer washes, except that this time they're riding on top of the dub. This is definitely music you can groove to, trance to, meditate to, or just be to. [The 2003 reissue features the bonus track "Feng Shui."]

1 Sunhair 5:43
2 Stretchy 6:51
3 Feng Shui 10:24
4 Half Light in Thillai 5:35
5 Jurassic Shift 11:04
6 Pteranodon 5:40
7 Train Oasis 2:45
8 Vita Voom 4:47
9 Feng Shui [live] 10:55


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post!

rick said...

Thanks very much from me too. I've been after a quality rip of this for ages. Brilliant post.

gordon said...

Great post! One of the best albums I've got off here.
Its nice to hear something really unusual.