Sunday, June 3, 2007

JETHRO TULL - Heavy Horses

Like 1977's Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses is often unfairly posited as the thematic follow-up to its aforementioned studio predecessor. While Songs from the Wood evokes a magical atmosphere, Heavy Horses is far more earthly. Indeed, on the nine-minute-long title-track--a most poetic ode to the England's plough horses--Ian Anderson sings with the sorrow of afarmhand witnessing modern harvesting equipment coming over the horizon for the first time. One can even forgive him the rather randy line, "Let me find you a filly for your proud stallion seed, to keep the old line going." Sure, there's plenty of prattle about drinking afternoon tea with mice, but tracks like "Moths" and "Acres Wild" mark Heavy Horses as a must-own title in the Jethro Tull canon. --Kevin Maidment

1. And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
2. Acres Wild
3. No Lullaby
4. Months
5. Journeyman
6. Rover
7. One Brown Mouse
8. Heavy Horses
9. Weathercook


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Gordon said...

Thanks, Just got back from Rory Gallagher blues festival and I've got a lot of albums to listen to!
Ill try and leave reviews after ive listened to them.
Looking forward to this one.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. thanks for all the posts.

Anonymous said...

With Jethro Tull nothing can go wrong. But I'll have to say that this is not there best record. It's good. Just as Jethro Tull is a good band.
Thanks for posting this record!

Jake said...

i apologize to say but this link is down too.