Monday, June 4, 2007


This obscure outfit formed in 1971. Greg Lakespotted their potential and produced their debut album, which was a pretty typical progressive offering with lots of guitar and synthesizer. The follow-up Triad was more of the same. They are classic examples of albums nobody much wanted at the time becoming collectable - which is largely due to the label they appeared on.
After their demise Tristian Margetts resurfaced playing and recording with Greg Lake, but brother Gary quit the music business. Tony Brock was later in Strider and The Babys. In the eighties he was in Rod Stewart's backing band.

1st Album: Spontaneous Combustion
1. Speed of Light
2. Listen to the Wind
3. Leaving
4. 200 Lives
5. Down With the Moon
6. Reminder
2nd Album: Triad
7. Spaceship
8. Brainstorm
9. Child Life
10. Love and Laughter
11. Pan
12. Rainy Day
13. Monolith Parts 1,2 & 3


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Anonymous said...

I was really curious for this post from Spontaneous Combustion. After hearing the first time, I'm a little disappointed. It's not bad. But maybe my expectations where a little te high. It's also one of those records I'll have to listen more than once to.
Anyway, thanks!