Saturday, June 30, 2007

by request: AQUARELLE - Aquarelle (aka Sous Un Arbre)

In the second part of the 70's, Quebec was going wild in terms of progressive rock undergoing a sort of cultural revolution/emancipation (Quebec was busy considering flying on its own) and a flurry of bands were seeing the light of day, a good deal of those not really caring about being commercial. Aquarelle is Pierre Lescaut's project; he was the main composer, but everyone in the group had interesting and challenging role in the group, not least Bournaki's violin work.
If you are like me, and have heard a few hundred Jazz-rock/fusion album, chances are that Aquarelle will not sound incredibly inventive or particularly original. What we have here is a very honest and professional album, which fits the mould of what was being released at the time. Sounding close to Ponty's albums of that same era, or many other groups, Aquarelle did not really manage to make a real dent in the market mostly because of the competitive market and the sheer amount of similar music being released, some group were bound to remain in obscurity. Sadly so, because Aquarelle were a very endearing unit that produced a very pleasant JR/F on their two albums, but it was not flawless. One of the more puzzling characteristics about their music is Courtemanche's wordless high-strung vocals (which are often under-mixed) that add some unexpected flavour to the music, but they are rather unusual and can be irritating. Highlights of this album include the (unofficial) title track with the heavy piano work, and the three part eponymous track Aquarelle, where the group does not miss to introduce their wide scoped musical abilities.

- Anne-Marie Courtemanche / vocals
- Pierre Lescaut / keyboards
- Stéphane Morency / guitar
- Pierre Bournaki / violin
- Jean-Philippe Gélinas / saxophone, flute
- Michel De Lisle / bass
- André Leclerc / drums

1. Aquarelle
2. Aquarelle pt2
3. Aquarelle pt3
4. Bridge
5. Esperanto
6. Francoise
7. Magic Of Sounds
8. Under A Tree
9. Volupté

Album downloaded from SLSK @192 as 2 tracks (side one & two)


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Misongod said...

Grateful for posting this rarity.
Greetings from lisbon.

Misongod said...

hi,could you help me to find IZVIR ( you have this,could you post it sometime in the future?
Enjoy your festival.
Another thing:In my old cassete the traks list is:
1-la magie des sons; 2-francoise
3-bridge, 4-sous un arbre
5-aquqrelle part1,2,3;6-voluptê 7-esperanto.
Maybe yours had been a re-edition.

rockmaster said...

I'm very excited for introducing Great Albums on your blog.
Aquarelle is one of favorite Quebec-Rock groups( Including Maneige,Dillinger,Harmonium,and many many groups )
This Album's track-list are following
Aquarelle / Sous Un Arbre ( Album Title is meaning "Under Tree" )
Canada;Atlantic / Wea Musique Canada KCA-9503
(Face A)
1.La Magie Des Sons
4.Sous Un Arbre
(Face B)
a) Part 1
b)Part 2
c)Part 3

Maybe wrong track-list are same as "Progressive Archives",I think so.
From rockmaster Far East Japan.

Misongod said...

Hi.I already got IZVIR.Thanks anyway.

Misongod said...

hi rockmaster,do you have live at montreaux-aquarelle?I´d like to know it.
Greetings from Portugal.

Hans Hund said...

I have been a Friend of the Drummer Jan some Years back.