Monday, June 4, 2007

TEN YEARS AFTER - Stonedhenge

This is their third album, prepared for CD from the original master tapes. Ten Years After: Alvin Lee (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano); Mike Vernon (vocals); Chick Churchill (piano, celesta, organ); Leo Lyons (bass guitar); Ric Lee (drums); Count Simon (bongos); Roy Baker (sound effects); The Bird, Reverb , Martin Smith. Ten Years After's third album is one of those artifacts that simply screams late '60s, which is to say its production is more than a little trippy, and it's also all over the stylistic map. "I Can't Live Without Lydia," for example, features keyboardist Chick Churchill making vaguely Brubeck-ian noises on up to four overdubbed pianos simultaneously. The next track, "Skoobly-Ooobly-Doobob," is a brief scat blues improvisation with guitar hero Alvin Lee playing and singing in unison, as Ric Lee's drums, just barely audible, putter about in both stereo channels seemingly at random. The album's centerpiece, of course, is "Hear Me Callin'," a sort of psychedelic take on John Lee Hooker-style blues complete with fashionable phasing effects (it was a substantial radio hit). However, true fans justifiably swear by the 55-second percussion version of "Three Blind Mice" that follows.

1. Going To Try
2. I Can't Live Without Lydia
3. Woman Trouble
4. Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob
5. Hear Me Calling
6. A Sad Song
7. Three Blind Mice
8. No Title
9. Faro
10. Speed Kills


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Anonymous said...

and thanks!
This is super!


pat said...

hello!how are you?great group ten years after!they make a lot of good albums,there is a new album i think but without alvin,sure not the same!bye