Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 6

TWENTY SIXTY SIX & THEN - Reflections!

The name '2066 & THEN' comes from adding an extra thousand to the number 1066, year of the historical battle of Hastings. Their heavy progressive style has been compared to that of DEEP PURPLE, VANILLA FUDGE and IRON BUTTERFLY. After releasing their first album, individual members got involved in different projects that never really stood the test of time, so 'Reflections on the Future' is their only legacy, and a fine one at that.
Their dramatic organ-drenched, complex music sometimes dons symphonic elements, but the band isn't afraid to dive into some heavy guitar/organ jamming either, featuring elements of jazz, some high-octane rhythmic parts and quick changes, mixed with weird psychedelic electronic effects - the hoarse vocals, however, perhaps better suited to conventional hard rock, may take some getting used to.
Their record company (Second Battle) re-released the album in 1991 under the name 'Reflections on the Past'. Considered a collectors item, it also contains unreleased masters and some bonus practice sessions from an early rehearsal session in 1991. In 1994, the cd 'Reflections!' came out, compiling tracks from both, plus some which had been considered for a second album that never materialized. A combination of poor sales and a ruined German economy at the time sadly forced the premature death of this fine German band, only months after the release of their first album.
If you enjoy ELP, The NICE and JETHRO TULL or some of the bands mentioned above, do check out this Germanic prog band. Some killer material awaits you.

- Geff Harrison (England) / lead vocals & lyrics
- Gagey Mrozeck / guitars
- Veit Marvos / keyboards
- Dieter Bauer / bass
- Steve Robinson / keyboards
- Konstatin Bommarius / drums
- Wolfgang Schönbrot / flute
- Curt Cress / drums

1. At my Home (7:57)
2. Autumn(9:06)
3. Butterking (7:17)
4. Reflections on the Future (15:48)
5. The way that I feel today (11:11)
6. Spring (13:02)
7. I wanna stay (3:59)
8. Time can't take It Away (4:40)


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Anonymous said...

Odlicno, hvala!

Gordon said...

This is a crazy album. Really will blow you away.

Dave said...

Great record- Glad to be able to hear it again! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

just discovered your site

great site, great album

long may you reign