Sunday, June 10, 2007

GREENSLADE - First 2 Albums

Dave Greenslade (keys) and Tony Reeves (bass) formed Greenslade in 1972. The two had previously played together in Colosseum and they recruited Dave Lawson (Episode Six) as vocalist. For a drummer the group added Andrew McCulloch (King Crimson, Crazy World of Arthur Brown) and their Greenslade album was released the following year. A considerably prolific band, they released two more albums in 1973, the first of which was Bedside Manners Are Extra. By the time they recorded a third album, Spyglass Guest, they had added Dave Clempson (Humble Pie) on guitar and Graham Smith on fiddle. The next year Reeves left the band, being replaced by Martin Briley. After releasing Time And Tide in 1975, they broke up in early 1976. A different lineup of the band made a brief attempt at it in 1977, but it just didn't work, however 23 years later in the year 2000, the group re-formed to begin another journey through their style of progressive rock. They released Large Afternoon that year and an album of live recordings from the classic days of the band was also released in 2000.

1 Feathered Friends 6:43
2 An English Western 3:26
3 Drowning Man 5:49
4 Temple Song 3:34
5 Melange 7:26
6 What Are You Doin' to Me? 4:40
7 Sundance 8:43

Bedside Manners Are Extra
1 Bedside Manners Are Extra 6:22
2 Pilgrims Progress 7:03
3 Time to Dream 4:49
4 Drum Folk 8:51
5 Sun Kissed You're Not 6:34
6 Chalk Hill 5:25

Bedside Manners Are Extra

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Gordon said...

Thanks, i love bedside but havent listened to their first yet. Sunkissed your not is an amazing song.
The dual keyboards are some of the best you'll find.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! Yours is one of my fave blogs. My fave among those I´ve never downloaded anything because I can´t download from megaupload. Is never availiable for my country (and I was told that if I install their bar I may get virus)

. said...

To anonymous - Thanx but you should install megaupload. No pop-ups, no viruses... Also there are some ways how to avoid country restrictions...

. said...

To Gordon - First one is as good as second and much better than others. That`s why they always have to be posted together, I think so...

Anonymous said...

A Million of thanks for your fantastic blog and congratulations for your great musical taste.
The best for you from Madrid, Spain.

Salvador said...

Been looking for this one. Many thanks for having this excellent blog.

FP said...

Great blog! The Colosseum and Greenslade links seem to be broken, though. Could you reupload?