Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 4


Maybe I am crazy but this is a great album!!!

Onetime members from a group called Rhinoceros came back together in 1972 to form a new rock band, the Blackstone Rangers. Because of circumstances, the guys soon shortened their name to the one-word title Blackstone. The lineup started out with lead singer John Finley, guitarists Danny Weis and Larry Leishman, pianist Michael Fonfara, and bassist Peter Hodgson. A short time later, drummer Richard Steinberg and musician Frank "Zeke" Sheppard were added to the roster.
Blackstone recorded its debut album in 1973, On the Line. The music critics (read ASSHOLES) found the first album less than pleasing, and soon group members Finley, Leishman, Hodgson, Sheppard, and Steinberg were all moving on to more lucrative projects. Weis and Fonfara tried to hang in there for a while longer with Blackstone, brining in some new blood to the group, like bassist John Prakash, singer Mike Stull, and drummer Penti "Whitey" Glan. The official end came in 1973, only a year after the band's creation.

1. qualified (3:23)
2. mountain (3:04)
3. change is gonna come (5:29)
4. back door man (4:52)
5. ain`t gonna let it go (2:40)
6. oopoopadoo (3:07)
7. ain`t nobody`s business (2:54)
8. likakowpi (3:44)
9. sunday`s song (3:17)
10. gonna getcha (4:20)


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Karel said...

I know Rhinoceros; they were great.
Hope Blackstone is as good.

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Good band,i dont like Rhinocerus but this here is not so jazzy.
Greatings and Thanks

Fuzzbox said...

Sounds great!!!
THX ...

Anonymous said...

Just to add a little more backgound, John Finlay and Michael Fonfara have resurrected their old R 'n' B band called the Checkmates and a CD may be forthcoming.
Michael Fonfara plays steady in a blues band called Downchild Blues band, all here in Toronto.


MisterManiac said...

Wow...just found out about this band. Really enjoy Rhinoceros, so looking forward to checking this out. Much appreciation for this and for keeping the link alive after all this time.