Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 13


One of the early and by many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands. Their music is a mix of heavy hard-rocking tunes, combined with clear influences from the symphonic genre. The more symphonic sound however didn't appeared until their third, and last studio album, "Janus". A great concept-album to start with. If you want the more thundering sounds coming from AUNT MARY, look for 1972s "Loaded", but this is their first baby and the one I like most (I am sure not many of you will agree). High-skilled musicians combined with good, creative melodies makes AUNT MARY a important Norwegian band to become acquainted with.

Bjoern Christiansen - guitar, vocals
Per Ivar Fure - flute, harmonica, saxophone
Jan Groth - keyboards, vocals
Svein Gundersen - bass
Kjetil Stensvik - drums

1. Whispering farewell (4:00)
2. Did you notice (3:18)
3. Theres a lot of fish in the sea (3:51)
4. I do and I did (4:52)
5. 47 steps (4:39)
6. Rome wasn't built in one day (2:59)
7. Come in (3:29)
8. Why don't you try yourself (2:28)
9. The ball (3:33)
10. All my sympathy for Lily (3:21)
11. Yes, by now Ive reached the end (2:51)


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Lipton said...

Very nice album, it gets better after a while... Nice blog you have, thanks!

Anonymous said...

After reading a review of this album on AMG, I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect.

I am quite happy to say that that review simply sucked, and this album is great!
Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I hope many more find it!

Anonymous said...

So many words except the one everybody needs: wich year? 1971? or what? Thanx

. said...


mrdoot said...

A meeegaa Album, Thank You very much!
You've got a great blog, thanks for Your work.
stay cool