Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 5

Mr. ALBERT SHOW - Warm Motor

The rock group Mr Albert Show from Eindhoven was formed in 1969 by Bertus Borgers (saxophone, flute and vocals), Roeland Boogaart (on drums), Tom Fautubun (on bass guitar), guitarist Eric Lintermans and Bonki Bongaerts (organ). The band was named after a roadie. In 1970 their first single, Wild sensation / King of galaxy is released. The vocals on this track are by Floortje Klomp. This is followed by their selftitled debut album. The sound of this album is a sort of jazzy progressive music with the focus on the saxophone and the organ. A year later they release a second album, Warm Motor. To promote this album, the non-album track Show me your tongue is released as a second single. In 1973 Bonki Bongaerts leaves the band, and this means the end the Mr Albert Show. Bertus Borgers starts a new band Sweet d'Buster, together with Robert Jan Stips of Supersister and is very active as a studio musician.

The second album of the Dutch band Mr. Albert Show from 1971 Warm Motor was a worldwide release. The US-Version had a different cover and was named Dutch Treat. This album is more on the trippy side than the first one, spheric organ, flute/sax, and great guitar work . The 6 tracks show the bands outstanding talent for progressive rock music with trippy jazz elements but also straight Hardrock. Music ranges from Golden Earring, King Crimson, Colosseum style over to several Krautrock bands. Also included 5 great non-album 45´ tracks and outtakes

1. Did You Really Find Somebody (9:58)
2. I´m Not More Than A Sign (3:55)
3. Electronic Baby (6:48)
4. Let It All Hang Out (4:42)
5. Bantal (3:52)
6. Woman (11:29)
7. I Can´t Help It - Bonus (2:33)
8. Show Me Your Tongue - Bonus (3:36)
9. Can´t Find My Way Home - Bonu (5:03)
10. Hooked On You - Bonus (4:03)
11. Picking Up Your Page - Bonus (3:26)


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oceana said...

Ouch! Ono s linka koji si mi ostavio bilo je bolno za slusati i gledati!

Sjef said...

Thanks a lot for the Albert Show. I already had the album on vinyl but this entry makes it complete.
Thanks again!