Saturday, June 23, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 10

BLACK CAT BONES - Barbed Wire Sandwich

BLACK CAT BONES were a typical British blues rock band playing late 60's raw progressive blues in the same vein as CHICKEN SHACK and TEN YEARS AFTER. Two of its original members, guitarist Paul Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke, would later form their own band (FREE). When they felt they had taken BLACK CAT BONES as far as it could go, they both left before the band even cut their album in 1969 (entitled "Barbed Wire Sandwich"). The album features Rod Price on vocals (FOGHAT's future vocalist), Phil Lenoir on drums, Stu Brooks on bass guitar, Brian Short on additional vocals and Derek Brooks on rhythm guitar.
"Barbed Wire Sandwich" was originally released on Decca as a mid-priced album noted for its (then fashionable) gruesome cover. The cd re-edition is an excellent testimony to some of the best heavy blues rock of its time, a hidden gem full of soul and raw energy.
Recommended for lovers of late 60's British blues boom.

1. Chauffeur (5:15)
2. Death Valley Blues (3:52)
3. Feelin' Good (4:58)
4. Please Tell Me Baby (3:10)
5. Coming Back (2:32)
6. Save My Love (4:50)
7. Four Women (5:09)
8. Sylvesters' Blues (3:45)
9. Good Lookin' Woman (7:16)


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Anonymous said...

Another very bluesy masterpiece! Another great choice!
You're posting some great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yes that one is one of my five best british bluesrock Albums.Musik with feeling.

Anonymous said...

Look here (still active):