Thursday, June 21, 2007

Forgotten pearl No. 7

COSMIC TRAVELERS - Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration-Diamond Head, Hawaii

The Cosmic Travelers were a group of veteran studio musicians that decided to get together to join the seventh major festival that was held over a four-year period (at the time) in the Diamond Head crater in Hawaii. Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration was recorded originally in 1972, during the advent of a major shift to heavy metal with groups like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.
Drake Levin (guitar), Jimmy McGhee (guitar), Joel Christie (bass), and Dale "Mule" Layola (drums) cranked out some high-octane psych-blues.
This entire recording is live and uncut with the exception of two minutes when the tape was turned over at the original recording. What we would consider today as an archaic method of recording a live gig becomes quite good under the careful eyes and ears of experienced engineers and producers. With the help of technological advancements and Akarma Records' precise care with the remastering process, and the colorful informative packaging, what you get is history given a chance to become reborn and relived.
This was a good album when it was recorded, and it stands as an above average album now due to the previously mentioned enhancements. The last two songs "Soul" and "Soul Reprise" are real kickers. There are only six tracks, but keep in mind the first track "Farther Up The Road," a blues classic, runs for more than nine minutes and Dave Mason's "Look At You Look At Me" for more than ten minutes. So you get more than your share of quantity, quality and consistency on this release.
Take a rock and roll revival trip to Hawaii for a day, be a hippie and enjoy the tunes.

1. Farther On Up The Road
2. Move Your Hands
3. Jungle Juice
4. Look At You Look At Me
5. Soul
6. Soul Reprise


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pat said...

superb music!thanks

chipper said...

Peoples: Don't pass this one up- it smokes, smokes, smokes! Great share of a totally underrated album...

Gordon said...

Nice blues rock. Nothing amazing, but these guys were obviously skilled.

Anonymous said...

thanks, amazing.