Friday, December 5, 2008

KORNI GRUPA - Last Performance (Live In Novi Sad - November, 1974) @wav

The story behind...
A month ago I got from a friend vinyl rip 2 CD of Korni Grupa`s last concert in 1974. The sound was descent but not as it should be. Then I remembered that friend of mine has many LP`s in perfect condition as he used tu record LP to tape whenever he got a new album and his vinyls are still as they once were becouse he used to listen tapes and not vinyl.
5 songs from the concert were published on 2 diferent albums ("Korni Grupa - Mrtvo More" & "VA - Randevu S Muzikom"). However the sound and mastering of the albums was very much diferent no metter that material was recorded at the same concert.
Here you have new rip from 2 vinyls remastered by me and posted as wav files. I also added a 20+ min very, very rare version of Jedna Zena as bonus track. Unfortunately source for that track was VBR and i did my best from material avaliable.

This is a great album and will show you one of the best bands from ex Yu performing live in concert...

Track List:
01 - Covek sa belom zastavom (6:27)
02 - Blues (10:01)
03 - Jedna zena (5:27)
04 - I ne tako obican zivot (10:48)
05 - Put za istok (19:58)
06 - Jedna zena (with Dado Topic) bonus (20:45)

Sound quality - Tracks 1, 2 & 5 "A" # Tracks 3 & 4 "B+" # Track 6 "B"

WAV - COVERS (made)

New covers made by Mark:

Hope you will enjoy and waiting for your respond...

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