Sunday, December 7, 2008

KORNELYANS (Korni Grupa) - Not An Ordinary Life (@flac) 1974

"KORNI GRUPA did it again, this time under the different name: they made excellent record. "Not An Ordinary Life" was aimed for the Western market; all the titles and lyrics are in English, and the band changed it's name from KORNI GRUPA to KORNELYANS. It wasn't huge success, though. However, album do not contain any bad tracks. Overall, band moved towards the symphonic sound, compared to its predecessor, but jazz-fusion influences are still evident, as well as almost funky bass lines. Highlights of this record are synths (used more often then on "Korni Grupa") and excellent guitar work, both electric and acoustic, where electric guitar solos are pushing the boundaries in a same vein as PFM did it in their finest moments. Vocals are more than good, and English pronunciation is...not that bad, at least not for the band from behind the Iron Curtain in early seventies.

- Kornelije Kovac / keyboards
- Josip Bocek / guitar
- Bojan Hreljac / bass
- Vladimir Furduj / drums
- Zlatko Pejakovic / lead vocals

1. rising (2:15)
2. not an ordinary life (10:22)
3. generation 1942 (6:56)
4. fall of the land of woman (5:32)
5. temporary parting (4:00)
6. man with a white flag (11:48)


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Michael said...

I have this record on vynil
in my her opinion
It's is one of the best bands