Friday, December 12, 2008

TASTE - Same + On The Boards (@flac)

Taste - Same (1969)
The debut of the great Rory Gallagher !! If you love his work you have to check out Taste, his first band. The recording is raw, probably live to 4 track in the studio with little if any overdubbing, and not much in the way of any real production, not unlike the first couple Groundhogs albums, both in style and recording technique. "Blister On The Moon" reminds me of something Cream would have done around the time of Disraeli Gears. Rory did all the writing with the exception of a Leadbelly cover and one other traditional blues. As always, the guitar playing smokes.

Taste - On The Boards (1970)
The production is FAR better than the previous Taste album. Here, Rory seems a little more relaxed with the studio environment. The guitar solos are less meandering than on the first Taste album. The songwriting is much stronger as well. This album is where Rory hits his stride as a writer. The stereo panning, and other studio tricks, although comes dangerously close to rendering this as dated sounding, is still very cool. This is probably as experimental as Rory ever got in the studio. There's even a couple of sax solos played by Rory (!). Some of the tunes get into jazz territory. It's almost a culture shock, if you've been exposed to Rory's solo output, to listen to this. It's very experimental, but it's a great experiment.

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