Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quintessence - Dive Deep (@flac)

Lead by Australian-born violinist and flutist Rothfield (AKA Raja Ram), keyboardist Phil Jones (Shiva Shankar) and Shambu Babaji on bass, this North-London group had very strong spiritual Indian classical music influences. Their first two albums, In Blissfull Company and their eponymous second album (they had much success riding on the popular sudden passion provoked by the BEATLES) are filled with Indian Sacred Chants and Psalms, but also much more accessible jazz-filled rock tracks full of delightful moments. Their third album Dive Deep was less spiritually oriented and contained more jazz-influenced improvisations with longer intrumental interplay tracks. After the partially live album Self some key members left to form the similar KALA, and QUINTESSENCE released on last album that was simply not quintessential anymore.

At their top , QUINTESSENCE was a magnificient group playing some superb Indian-laced psychadelic rock and are fondly remembered by all etnic fusion music afficianados and old hippies around the world.


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